Hello world?


It can be difficult to get started on a project. I tend to find it easier to get going on a client’s project, probably on the basis that my livelihood depends on it. Personal projects are a totally different story.

For a while now I’ve wanted to refresh this website as a way of kickstarting blogging about web development as I explore and learn new technologies and other things. I had the logo design nailed down at the end of 2017. It took until June 2019 to actually build this website, and my first post follows 3 weeks later!

To try and get into the spirit of things and actually get writing, the first few posts following this are going to be discussing the development of this website.

It’s not a large technical website so it’s not any great feat, but there are a few things I’ve done differently to the websites I usually build for clients. Hopefully writing about these things will boost my confidence to explore their use on future client websites, and to encourage myself to keep learning and always improve.