It’s me.

I started as a developer at a small web development company in Gloucestershire in 2010. After over two years there, I was fed up with the commute and wanted to work nearer home. Solution to problem? Become a freelance developer!

So I’ve been freelance since November 2012. I started off well keeping on top of current/new technologies. I created jQuery cookieBar which did really well to boost my website traffic and rankings on Google.

But eventually I ended up with enough paid work to occupy my time. That’s a but? Yes, because it eventually led me to needing to play catchup as so many new web standards and technologies came out and passed me by.

I’m big into gaming, VR, PC hardware, board games, and going outside. If I do a new blog post and can’t be bothered to find a relevant picture, I’ll throw in a random one from a country walk.