I've made my non-Ice Bucket Challenge donations

Some may remember my Facebook post saying why I would not be taking part in the ALS ice bucket challenge or even donating. I've now chosen two charities to which I have made donations. I have chosen not to publish the value of these donations.

Christian Aid

It's not easy to pick one charity over another for things such as disaster response and longer term development/aid, so after trying to figure out the better charities for the percentage of donations reaching those who really need it, I essentially picked the one I knew the most about and knew spent money wisely.

Christian Aid, much like charities like Red Cross, are working around the world to support a number of crises and ongoing developments. They are currently involved in Iraq, Syria, the Philippines, Gaza, and dozens of other countries, including those affected by the recent Ebola outbreak. Their long term work involves various things such as aiding farmers in developing countries.

Bridges to Prosperity

I recently took a trip to Swansea with my Dad for a talk by Kayin Dawoodi, one of the technical advisory board of charity Bridges to Prosperity.

To summarise (as I'm really not the one to try and properly explain the amazing work they do), they go out to locations around the world where communities may be cut off from vital services and other communities, and build bridges!

These aren't any bridges. They are often crossing wide or fast flowing rivers, flood plains and valleys, where the community, government and other charities may not have the capability to build their own (or the ones they build are frighteningly precarious, as we were shown in the talk in Swansea).

Suspension bridge built by Bridges to Prosperity

The charity also gets the local community involved to train up skills and contribute to the construction, helping them really take ownership of the bridge. They don't just build the bridge and walk away. They truly support the community.

Having once aspired to be a civil engineer and design/build bridges, this charity really struck a chord with me, and I certainly hope to make follow up donations and see how I could get involved in other ways.

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