Developing my timesheet system

It's always been hammered into my skull that keeping tracking of my time at work is essential, and for the most part it stuck.

Although when I started business as PrimeBox, I lapsed. Luckily, it was only keeping a log of my time I fell short on.

A couple of months ago I decided I needed to get back into it, but I didn't have much luck with a spreadsheet. I wanted a system I could use to log time both during the day, or at the end of the day if I had forgotten. And thus, my timesheet system was created.

Timesheet system screenshot

Excessive? Maybe.

If using the start/stop button to track time, the system actually tracks time to the SECOND. That is certainly way more detail about the time of the task than is necessary. Therefore the system only ever shows times in a number of minutes.

If entering data at the end of the day, chances are I will only ever be putting data in to the nearest 5-10 minutes on bigger jobs. But for things like telephone calls or answering emails, it's good to be able to see quite accurately how much time is spent on each.

For myself, the timesheet is there to see what tasks are taking too much time so that I can find ways to improve efficiency. If, which is quite often the case, I spend half a day to a whole day on one job, providing I know when I started the day and finished in the afternoon/evening, I'm happy to put a rounded figure in.

Summarising my week

The latest addition to the system is filtering and summarising. Once I'd got about a month of timesheet entries, I added in a form to allow me to really investigate where time goes.

Filter form for the timesheet

The form above is fairly ugly, but very functional. I can view any range of time to view and edit (Sometimes I go back over my timesheet to make sure any details I have on the job are stored in the notes), summarise (This sums up the time taken on particular tasks for each client), and filter by client, project, task or search notes.

Now the biggest challenge is just to make sure that I continue to keep it updated every day!

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